What’s in my bag? What’s on my tech?

What’s in My Bag?

In increasing my personal productivity, I’ve found that using tools that help me stay organized and access things that I need conveniently are good ways to provide some “lift” to my day-to-day routines. Since life does throw curveballs, I try to set myself up for success for those hectic weekday mornings where nothing seems to be going right. For that reason, it’s important that I keep a stash of my daily vitamins on me. I’ve utilized a small but cute pill organizer such as this one. If I fail to take my morning vitamins before I leave the house, I have a backup. I also keep a stash of toiletries on me in a small pouch. This not only saves me from a morning in which I rushed out the door and didn’t feel like I’m looking my best, but it also allows me to freshen up if I’m heading to dinner straight from work, get invited to a surprise happy hour, or am surprising my husband at work. In this pouch, I keep a travel-sized eyelash curler, small mascara, dental floss, lipstick and lipgloss, shimmery eyeshadow crayon, pocket mirror, and a small set of tweezers.


What’s on My Tech?

I’ve seen multiple YouTube videos where vloggers share the apps that help them out the most, and it inspired me to create a list of the apps that have helped me. I’ll preface by saying I really try to avoid paying for apps. I think I’ve purchased 2 in my life! I would rather research a free app than just plunk down money on an app that may be subpar. On that note, there are usually plenty of free apps to choose from for what you want.

First up, Wunderlist. This app allows you to create to-do lists for all sorts of categories. It’s easy to use and pretty much foolproof. I used to just create to-do lists on the Notes app pre-loaded on my phone, but Wunderlist allows you to check things off, move them to another list, and the categories are really nice for me so that I can create to-dos for different areas of my life.

Second is Keyring. This app allowed me to get rid of ALL of the store loyalty cards junking up my wallet and hanging off of my keychain! The way that Keyring works is that you can input your store loyalty card information, for all sorts of retailers, and it saves the information and creates a barcode for it. You can scan the barcode at the register, or if you have linked your phone number or email address to your loyalty card, then you can simply use Keyring as your backup in case the store associate can’t find your account with your alternate ID. I was so glad to clean all of the cards out of my wallet that I’m a huge fan of this app.

Feedly allows me to add all of the blogs that I like to follow and scroll through new articles as they are published. Instead of visiting all of the blogs I like, I can simply check Feedly once a day and it provides me a list of all of the new posts from the blogs I follow and I can quickly thumb through them and read them. It’s a huge timesaver and I feel that much more in the know after scrolling through my feed.

Disney Magic Timer is the end to all of your toothbrushing wars with your little one. Whoever thought up this app at Disney sure was smart. My son looks forward to brushing his teeth and insists on it now, thanks to this app. He gets to choose a new character as his place marker and gets a virtual “sticker” every time he’s done brushing. The music and visuals are quite good and he is excited to see what sticker he’ll receive. It all stores in a “sticker book” so he can look back at the ones he likes. It also has a two-minute timer built in so we know we are brushing his teeth for the appropriate amount of time.