Favorite Bloggers

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  To continue with my theme of sharing my favorite internet resources with you all, today, I’m listing for you my favorite bloggers.These bloggers all have content that has kept me coming back again and again, many of them offering … Continued

Three Month Follow~Up After Taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

It’s now February 2016. My husband and I began Financial Peace University in September and finished the class in November, 2015. We’ve been working the budget together every month. We’ve been using cash more, and our envelopes. But now it’s … Continued

Financial Peace University #8: Real Estate and Mortgages

“Pay off the house early….???? Whaaaaaaaat!” That’s what most people in our FPU class were saying as we begun our lesson this past Wednesday night. For most people, having a mortgage payment for 30 (or more) years seems completely norm, … Continued

Financial Peace University #6: The Role of Insurance

Insurance is one of those things that we love to hate on. Seriously. It’s a pain to pay for car insurance every month, when you (hopefully) don’t have to actually “use” it often. Every year, we get a bill in the … Continued

Financial Peace University #5: Buyer Beware

Our week 5 class was interesting but not mind blowing, earth shattering information. Basically, without coming out and saying it, Dave Ramsey tried to teach that contentment is a huge piece of the puzzle to your finances. Not needing that … Continued