Simplifying Home Life – Miscellaneous Edition

Ahh, the little things that make life easier….I sure can’t get enough of these products and shortcuts, and I hope that me sharing some of my recent favorites helps you out, too!

  1. Slow Cooker Bags

If you aren’t using slow cooker bags to cook some of your crock-pot meals in, you’re missing out on some ease of cleanup. I don’t use slow  cooker bags for every meal, but for things that are likely to burn, like some BBQ pork chops or crockpot mac&cheese, slow cooker bags are invaluable. Lighten your after dinner dishes with some of these bad boys today: Slow Cooker Bags

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2. Coat Closet Overflow

Buying certain items in bulk has saved money and my sanity. Having a surplus of things like toilet paper, napkins and paper towels is convenient, but storing those items, in my home, isn’t. Since it’s difficult to find a spot to store 12 large rolls of paper towels, I’ve created a spot for additional storage of paper products in our coat closet. A hanging shoe rack helps store individual rolls of paper towels, zipper bags and napkin stacks. You can find a similar version here:  Hanging Shoe Organizer.  A sliding basket organizer from Ikea holds additional units of these items and some other random tidbits like our family picnic blanket, some dog toys, my spare purse, umbrellas, and my husband’s camera case. I have this sliding organizer positioned in the back corner of the closet, still not too difficult to get to but out of the way of the everyday items we reach for, like our coats and the vacuum cleaner. You can find the version that I have here: Ikea Frame and Wire Baskets.  So even if all of your bulk purchases won’t fit in your pantry or kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that you can create some smart alternative storage for those items to work for you.



3. Mini-Hamper in Laundry Room

My laundry room is right off of our kitchen, so for things that get dirty downstairs, it doesn’t make sense to haul them upstairs to our laundry hampers there. So, for things like dirty dish towels, scrubby cloths and cleaning towels, I purchased a fabric tote to use on the wire shelving in our laundry room to use as a hamper. That way, the dirty items are self contained, and I can run everything that goes into that laundry basket on the ‘sanitize’ cycle in my washer once it’s full.

Next to this, I have a durable plastic bin with lid that fits clean scrubby cloths and cleaning cloths. Most of these are the remnants of worn out washcloths or hand towels, but some are microfiber cleaning cloths. We keep all of these in the same place and then once used, can throw them in the mini-hamper next to the bin. This system works out pretty well!


4. Museum Putty

I stumbled across this product after seeing Alejandra from rave about it. Museum Putty is essentially a tacky putty that you can use to attach one item to another. This revolutionized both our kitchen silverware drawer and utensil drawer. Both drawers had inserts that didn’t fit perfectly, and so the inserts would slide around with the drawers were opened or closed. I stuck a generous wad of museum putty underneath all four corners, and those drawer inserts aren’t going anywhere now. I’ve also used this in the bathroom, where I’ve secured a magnetic paper clip holder containing my bobby pins, to the bottom of the drawer so that it didn’t slide around. Essentially, you can use this product to help items on a shelf stay put or secure items within a drawer, and it’s easily removable and non-damaging to your surfaces. Plus, for 5 bucks, you can’t really go wrong. Get some here: Museum Putty.

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