Simplifying Home Life – Laundry Routine

Years ago, when my husband and I first moved in together, we lived in the 450 square foot middle unit of a triplex. Besides going to work and taking care of our little house, we had few responsibilities at that time – life sure was simpler! Therefore, I used to reserve our laundry for Saturday mornings. I’d wake up, turn on some Food Network, and start laundry and housecleaning. With such a small house, the cleaning certainly didn’t take long. And we even shared the laundry room with the other triplex tenants, and so I couldn’t always get the laundry done as quickly as if we had an in-unit washer/dryer, but it still didn’t take that long.

Fast forward fifteen (!!?? Fifteen!?) years, and until recent months, I was dealing with laundry mountain every Saturday and sometimes carrying into Sunday. NOT how I wanted to spend my weekend.

With our now 4 year old son, and my husband working as a machinist, we have quite a bit of laundry each week. Toddler laundry is still much like infant laundry is – one big load a week, but we also have upgraded him to a full sized bed, with a full load of full sized bedding to be washed to boot.

My husband and I have several loads of darks each week, mostly due to his work as a machinist. His shirt and his heavy duty jeans are dirty each day, as is sometimes a jacket or flannel if he wore that depending on weather. We also have a load of lights and whites, and our bedding as well.

So, several months ago, after being fed up on a Sunday night still dealing with the laundry, I decided to not reserve all of the laundry for the weekends.

Now, I am usually doing a load every other night. We don’t have quite enough laundry to need to do it every night at this time. More often than not, that load being done on a weeknight is either our son’s or our darks. I gather the laundry in our basket from the hamper in the morning, and bring it downstairs once we are all dressed and ready to gather up breakfasts and lunches to go. I throw the clothes in the washer with the laundry pod and fabric softener, and then I use the delay wash setting on our washer, to have it start about the time I get off work.

When I get home at night, the washer is usually finished or on the last leg of its cycle. I flip the clothes over to the dryer while I’m in between the dinner routine, and then I fold and put away sometime during the remainder of the evening.

This routine takes a little more diligence on my part to ensure a load is started so that Laundry Mountain isn’t waiting for me on Saturday, but I’ve been happier since. That’s not to say I never have laundry by the time the weekend rolls around, because I certainly do, even if it’s only bed linens. If you are dealing with Laundry Mountain at your house and are tired of it, maybe start getting in the habit of trying the method of knocking out a few loads during the weeknights. I hope it helps you as it has helped me!

*Toddler tip! As discussed in my previous post of getting toddlers to help around the house, switching laundry loads and even helping to fold the clean clothes is a great way to get your eager toddler to help out 🙂