Simplifying Home Life – Beauty Edition

While we’re on the topic of productivity, an item I have streamlined in an effort to simplify my beauty routine is my makeup products and storage. As an Ipsy subscriber, there’s not a lot of specialty makeup I actually purchase any longer, as I get samples of eye shadows, blushes, mascaras, highlighters, and eyeliners pretty frequently. What I do purchase are things like foundations, tinted moisturizers, and skincare, and because I buy quality products in those areas and make them last, these are infrequent purchases, and ones that I do a ton of research on (and try to obtain samples for!) before using.

The Ipsy subscription is helpful in the way that it gets me trying new products without breaking the bank and I get to try a wide range of colors and formulas that I may not have otherwise spent my own money on. However, it is easy to accumulate the products over time and so with that in mind, I am ruthless when trying products and try not to have any qualms about getting rid of something that I don’t love. Sometimes I receive a product that just doesn’t work for me, and that’s okay – I did only spend $10 on the subscription and received five (or sometimes more) products to try out. If it truly doesn’t work for me, I see if a friend of relative can use it.

Since Ipsy sends their monthly products in a cosmetic bag that’s yours to keep, those are easy to accumulate as well. I keep my favorite ones that seem to function the best, as they do come in several sizes and configurations. Ones that are more “pouchy” like an actual makeup case are great for travel or storing some spare toiletries or cosmetics in your car, work-bag, or locker. I’ve used envelope-type bags that are thinner to store small items like pens and pencils in my purse or some feminine products. I set aside the ones I won’t be using and my sister goes through them every so often and takes the ones off my hands that she wants, and I donate the rest. The ones that I do keep get put to use organizing some of my more infrequently used beauty products.

I’m not a super glam girl, and it’s rare for me to do a full face of makeup, including foundations, highlighters, powder, eyeliner…the works. I tend to do a quick five or ten minute beauty routine for most situations. But, I do like the option of having some of these products accessible, even if I’m not going to be using them all the time. That’s where my surplus of Ipsy bags comes into play. I’ve taken a few of them and used my label maker to label them simply with “eye products”, or “face products”, and then categorized those rarely used pieces that I won’t be using daily. These are stored under my bathroom sink, but a ways in the back, so that they aren’t clogging up my everyday rotation. When I do want to glam up, they are there and easy to find.

For my everyday makeup, I keep this all in a makeup train case I got on clearance at Sephora many years ago, and it’s still going strong. While the train cases that Sephora carries now are quite expensive, here’s a similar version that’s quite a bit less and is the same format as the case that I have: Amazon Makeup Case. I appreciate my makeup case so much, and I can tell you that I definitely would have some troubles getting ready every morning if I was wading through all of my products in my main makeup case, and I just didn’t want to set myself up that way. So if you find that you don’t use all of your makeup products on the daily, perhaps try a sorting solution to what I’ve implemented above, and keep your favorite and most frequently used products front and center.