Financial Peace University #6: The Role of Insurance

Insurance is one of those things that we love to hate on. Seriously. It’s a pain to pay for car insurance every month, when you (hopefully) don’t have to actually “use” it often. Every year, we get a bill in the … Continued

Financial Peace University #5: Buyer Beware

Our week 5 class was interesting but not mind blowing, earth shattering information. Basically, without coming out and saying it, Dave Ramsey tried to teach that contentment is a huge piece of the puzzle to your finances. Not needing that … Continued

Financial Peace University Week 4: Snowball the Debts

This week’s class and lesson were also very insightful, although I’ll admit – the cash flow course had me pretty fired up about managing our money better, and was my favorite week so far. In week 4, Dave Ramsey discusses … Continued

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