Organizational Products!

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Oh brother. If I could have a full time job working on everything organizational I might love it. I’m not a super neat freak nor is my house very organized. I have ideas in mind of things I’d like to do but have not as of yet, and I’m on the hunt for some perfect products to continue on my organizational endeavors.

There are definitely way more organized people out there. Have you seen IHeart Organizing’s blog? OMG. When I found her site a couple of weeks ago, I died and went to organizational heaven, and then promptly spent several hours looking through the whole site.

But in the meantime, as I continue on my journey to make my home/life more organized, here are a few products I’ve stumbled upon that have helped me out so far. I hope these might help you too! Ironically, these are all kitchen-based tools.

  1. All Out Of… Pad

All out of pad

This little pad has been freaking amazing. It comes with a magnetic strip to put it right on your fridge. I just clip a pen to it as well and then whenever I’m out of something, I mark it on this list so that I can remember to get it at my next grocery store trip. As you can see it has a lot of categories as well as spaces to write your own items. Since it’s organized by grocery store section, you can plan your trip to move from one end of the store to the other. When I’m about to go grocery shopping, I sit down with this pad, my monthly calendar of our dinners, (watch for another post coming on my meal planning soon), and my coupons, to solidify my list and decide which coupons I’m using for that trip. Having a concise list of items has helped me save time planning my shopping trips and in the store. You can get your pad at: Knock Knock All Out of Pad

2. Rubbermaid Pan Organizer Rack

Pan organizer

Another kitchen lifesaver for me. I got really tired of having to pull out all the pans to get to one that was on the bottom of the stack. I got two of these, one for my frying pans and another for my bakeware. Now, the slots aren’t going to be big enough to hold your heartier bakeware, like Corningware, but for most baking dishes, it will work just fine. Get yours here: Rubbermaid Pan Organizer


3. Kitchen Shelf Helper

Mug organizer

This little guy helps you make the most out of your kitchen cabinet space. I used this in our cabinet where we keep coffee mugs. Previously, we nested the mugs into one another, sometimes stacked three mugs high. It was messy and inconvenient. This little shelf helped a lot, expanding our cabinet space and allowing us to store the mugs more neatly in virtually the same space. You can pick one up here:  Kitchen Shelf Helper

4. Fridge Binz

Freezer binz

I was a little skeptical of this product at first, because I wasn’t sure that organizing my fridge or freezer could help much. So I started small, with this bin above, and used it in the freezer to corral all of our frozen veggies. Frozen veggies are easy to lose in the back of the freezer drawer or shelf because you sort of have to stack them all on top of each other. This freezer bin helped me stand the veggies up vertically, so that I could pull by the handle and quickly see what we had at a glance. The freezer shelf looks much nicer, and I plan to slowly obtain more of these fridge and freezer bins to continue organizing products in our fridge and freezer where needed. You can pick one up here: InterDesign Fridge and Freezer Bin

I hope these products help you out as well! Now if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do with our blind corner lower kitchen cabinets, I’d be grateful. I keep losing stuff back in the deep, dark crevices. The only sturdy looking blind corner solutions I’ve found have been hundreds of dollars! 🙁