Download this Monthly Bill Payment Tracker

*** Updated 10/8/17 ***

New download has fillable fields and clickable checkboxes!


One of the best developments in our household financial planning has been the use of this little monthly bill payment tracker right here.

How many times have you had a conversation like this with your partner or spouse:

“Did you pay the light bill?”

“When’s the kid’s daycare bill due again?”

“I can’t remember if that payment is on auto-draft or if I should send an online payment for it.”


That used to happen in our household A LOT, because, typically, one adult in the household is handling the bills, and the other relies on the information provided by the bill-payer to know what’s coming or going.

I used to be the bill-payer in our home, and my husband was the one who always felt a little bit in the dark about our finances, namely what bills were due when and how much each was.

When we joined Financial Peace University (you can read about our journey with that course here) we realized it was essential that we were both on the same page about our finances, and decided to turn that around.

Our first step was making sure we sat down together at least a couple of times a month to review our finances, plan what was being paid (and calculate how much money was going to be leftover afterwards). These meetings became essential to managing our finances together. After all, it’s both of our money coming in and going out, so both of us should be on the same page with it all, and decisions should be made together.

The next step we took was figuring out a good tracking system for us. We developed a budget binder, which I’m going to preview in a later video for you. We then designed this bill tracker to help provide further clarity of what was already paid and what was still outstanding.

The reason that we did a tracker for the whole year is because we have some bills that are due annually, semi-annually, and even every other month. It was too difficult to try to remember which one was due which month, and we were tired of dealing with surprise auto-drafts coming out of our account that we had honestly forgotten about (pest control service, I’m lookin’ at you!). This tracking sheet helps prevent all of that nonsense, provided that you mark your paid bills as soon as they’ve gone out.

We’ve used a binder clip to pin this to our calendar in our kitchen, which is where we typically are discussing things like pay dates, birthday parties and other plans anyhow. If you’d like to get fancier with this, consider framing it and using a dry-erase marker to mark your bills on it!

Because we’ve put it in such a central location in our home, at a glance, my husband can now see that I paid the daycare bill in the morning when I dropped off our son. I can look at the sheet and tally up the amount of bills we’ll have remaining to pay for the month.

I’ve created a generous amount of space on the tracker so that you can list your bill descriptions and their amounts. I would recommend writing these in chronological order by due date so that you have a nice flow throughout your payment tracking!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this blog is designed to provide you tips that will help make your life easier. Work smarter, not harder with your finances, and keep better track of your finances with this printable.

Happy planning!