Hi there!

Hey everyone! A little bit about me, so that you know who you’re reading about. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our 3-year old son. I work full time in the finance industry and just recently graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. What began as a journey to go “back to school to take some classes” turned into a five year journey across three schools. As if that wasn’t enough, my husband was right alongside me throughout the journey getting his education as well. Smack in the middle of our college coursework (and past the time we had realized we’d come too far to stop, might as well get the degrees!), we had our baby boy. Some thought we were crazy for juggling all of that, but in the end, we finished school and have jointly and successfully, if I might add, raised our son well so far! We’re now both working on our next career moves and figure things can only go up from here.

We didn’t always live in the beautiful Northwest, both my husband and I were born and raised in California and most of our family is still there. Our finances and livelihood were hit hard during the recession and decided we had two options: sit around and wait for the economy to improve our situations (because sitting around and waiting seems really productive…) or move to an area that was still thriving despite the global economy. Moving North won us over as my husband had some family residing here already, the cost of living was lower than we were used to in California and the mountains, trees, and friendly people were a nice change of pace from the dry, hot central California we were used to. We’ve been very happy here since and while I miss my family and friends in California, this area is now home.

Regarding me personally, I enjoy being goofy, sarcasm is my middle name, I have been told I have an ‘accent’ that is something between Canadian/Midwestern, though I’ve never even been to either of those places. I am made fun of a lot for my height (I round up and explain that I’m 5’ tall) but I always joke that there’s a lot of love compacted into me! On the serious side, I’ve been told I’m quite a practical person, (comes in handy!) so therefore I love efficiency, order, planning ahead (not to a tee but so at least we know what the heck is going on!) routines and schedules, although I can’t say I am always able to follow those. Sometimes a Game of Thrones episode or great novel get in the way of that 😉 And since my son is young, I realize that pushing dinner back an hour is worth it to play with him outside. Life is too dang short!