Freezer Breakfast Burritos

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Online, I’ve seen a few variations of pre-made breakfast burritos that are batch-cooked and then stored in the freezer, wrapped individually, to make for a quick breakfast option. As I’m beginning a new job tomorrow, I decided being on the ball and having some breakfast choices ready to go would help my family and avoid (some) of the hectic weekday morning rush.

The combinations for breakfast burritos are fairly endless. You can include potatoes or rice, beans, cheese, vegetables, eggs and meat. You can also make them as spicy or as mild as you’d like, and be heavy on some ingredients versus others. Basically, you can make them however you’d like, and that’s half the fun of it!

First step was evaluating what my family liked inside their breakfast burritos, and then adapting some of these online recipes I’d seen for what I wanted to create. A lot of freezer breakfast burrito recipes include beans, which I typically love, but I don’t enjoy beans in a breakfast burrito. Something about the combination of eggs and beans together, just don’t do it for me. And, I decided to make all of our burritos mild, as my husband is really the only one in our household who enjoys spicy foods. He usually dresses up his breakfast burritos how he would like with hot sauce and maybe even sour cream. So, I decided to keep things really simple with our burritos, and stuck to some vegetables, eggs, meat, and cheese for our fillings.

I had read on several sites that one of the tricks to making freezer breakfast burritos was to make sure your ingredients are pretty much at room temperature when you assemble, and that all of the ingredients are dry, to avoid a soggy burrito that won’t reheat well. That meant that unless I wanted to dirty four pans ( I didn’t:) ) that I would need to cook the ingredients in stages. I started with the potatoes, cooking those to a golden brown color. Once they were soft and golden, I removed them from the pan and placed them into a bowl to cool.

Next into the pan went the sausage, which I cooked through completely and then placed the sausage in a paper-towel lined pasta bowl to remove most of the grease. I did a quick wipe of the pan and turned the heat onto to medium and in went all my scrambled eggs.

I chopped two red peppers and got out the cheese and tortillas, and then I had a little downtime as I let my ingredients cool down after cooking. I used my time wisely and made more coffee 🙂


Then came assembly time! There is a method to my madness, guys. My son is allergic to eggs and so, the easiest thing was going to be to combine all of my ingredients in a bowl and fill each tortilla that way, but before I did that, I made a few burritos with individual ingredients besides the eggs. I made four egg-less burritos, and then combined everything else in my big mixing bowl.


Egg-less burritosBy the way, I yielded four egg-less burritos, but my son decided these smelled so good, he wanted to eat one right then 😉

Here’s about how much filling I placed on my tortillas:


And, an arial view:

All in all, after the four egg-less burritos, I yielded an additional 11. Not too shabby!

See below for my quantities used. I hope you’ve enjoyed this idea to create some make-ahead breakfast options for your household, too!

Make-Ahead Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Yields 15 breakfast burritos


15 burrito-sized flour tortillas

1 bag of diced hashbrown potatoes (I like Ore-Ida brand)

1/2 cup or more shredded cheese (I used a Mexican cheese blend from Costco)

1 dozen eggs

1 pound ground breakfast sausage, or other meat of your choice

Two diced peppers, or other vegetable combination of your choice


  1. Cook potatoes in a non-stick skillet with a little olive oil, until light golden in color. Remove to a bowl to cool. Then, brown and crumble sausage, and drain grease, then wipe pan dry with a paper towel.
  2. Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk, and cook over medium heat in the non-stick skillet until just set. Do not leave eggs wet and do not overcook.
  3. Meanwhile, chop vegetables into a small dice, and season potatoes, if you’d like.
  4. Once ingredients are cooled nearly to room temperature, mix all together in a large mixing bowl. Begin filling burritos, and top with shredded cheese, if desired.
  5. Make sure your burrito filling ingredients are in a tubular shape on your tortilla, and then fold in the two sides over your fillings and roll the burrito up from the bottom.
  6. Wrap each burrito individually in plastic wrap. Store the plastic-wrapped burritos in a freezer zipper bag and write the warming instructions on the bag.
  7. To reheat a burrito, unwrap it from the plastic wrap and place it on a microwave safe plate. Heat on high 1 minute, flip the burrito, and then heat for 1 more minute on high. Add sour cream, hot sauce, or salsa as desired!