Favorite You-Tubers

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Along my quest of finding things that help make my life Zippy, I’ve stumbled across several YouTube accounts and personalities that have inspired me. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite YouTube accounts! These are videos that are sure to get you thinking about how you organize your home and finances, declutter, clean, and even travel. Below are my favorite YouTube personalities that I turn to again and again, and I’ve also included some of my favorite videos of theirs. Happy watching!

At Home With Nikki – Nikki has a YouTube channel full of organization and decorating tips. I stumbled across her channel while researching kitchen organization, and one of the first videos of hers I saw was how to organize under your kitchen sink. She goes into a level of detail that sets her apart from the rest!

Fun Cheap or Free – Jordan Page is a frugality guru! Her tips include frugal grocery shopping, how to payoff debt, and manage a household and kids (she has FIVE little ones). One of my favorite videos of hers has to do with a grocery budgeting method. Watch it here.

Do It On a Dime – Kathryn’s channel has zillions of ideas on organizing, cooking and homemaking. Most of her videos are short and quick which just allows you to watch that many more of them! My favorite playlist of hers has tons of quick organizing ideas.

Clean My Space – If you watch cleaning videos on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across a video or two by Clean My Space. This husband and wife duo have a cleaning company in Toronto and tackle all of your cleaning conundrums with their videos. Melissa Maker’s lively personality keeps things fresh and interesting. This playlist gives great ideas for preserving your food and having less food waste.

Rachel Aust – Rachel has a super cute Aussie accent and some of the most gorgeous videos I’ve seen! She takes pride in producing high quality videos even if she’s just showing us how she washes her face.. not joking. She’s also quite organized and has a series of videos on minimalism, productivity, organization, decluttering, and more. Here’s one of my favorite videos of hers regarding increasing productivity.

More Melody – Melody has a YouTube channel devoted to all things minimalism. While I’m not a minimalist, I can relate to many of the concepts, and have appreciated her wise thoughts about the subject and learned a lot from her channel! Check out her video on reducing paper clutter in your life here.

LoveMeg – Meg has a rapidly growing YouTube channel full of cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and child rearing tips. Her friendly disposition is pleasant to watch and she posts videos several times a week. Some of them are short enough to indulge in while doing the dishes, and watching her cleaning routines always encourages me to get my house in tip-top shape. Watch this video regarding ways to always keep your kitchen clean here.