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To continue with my theme of sharing my favorite internet resources with you all, today, I’m listing for you my favorite bloggers.These bloggers all have content that has kept me coming back again and again, many of them offering tips to help make your life a little easier too. I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do!

The Simple Dollar – I’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for many years now, and stumbled across it when I was searching for personal finance bloggers. I wanted to find someone who was talking about what I was interested in — budgeting, getting out of debt, raising a family and saving for retirement. Trent Hamm speaks about just those issues – and now has an expanded crew now that his blog has been purchased by a media company and some of it’s staff write occasionally as well. The blog is renowned in the personal finance sector and publishes a new post at least daily, and sometimes multiple times a day. It’s difficult to pick a favorite article among so many, but, as saving and budgeting can go hand in hand with reducing food spending, these two articles on cheap and easy meals and staple foods to always have available are extremely helpful.

Fun Cheap or Free — I found Jordan Page’s blog via YouTube, as I found her YouTube account first — see last week’s post. She’s a mom and a wife trying to figure out this finance thing like the rest of us, and I love her quick wit and sarcasm, which entertains me while listening to the things she’s done to help her family get out of debt and stay on track with their financial goals. This post will give you a new way to think about budgeting, I promise. If you think you have no money to save or invest, think again. This post and methodology opened my eyes to how a little organization with your monthly budget can help you meet your financial goals and still be able to do the things you want to do.

Live Simply — Live Simply is a real food and lifestyle blog. My best friend sent me a link for this project in which she adored the idea of the herb boxes that you can bring inside to avoid frost, but also the stunning photography. Since then, I was hooked and have enjoyed gaining recipes and food ideas from Life Simply. Kristin Marr has developed a world of food with real ingredients, makes her own cleaners, and shows us ways to meal plan, raise her cute kids, and life a more natural life a chunk at a time.

A Bowl Full of Lemons — If you ever find yourself searching for home organization blogs, I’m sure one of the first results you’ll find is A Bowl Full of Lemons. Toni Hammersley has a meticulous home, tons of organization ideas and inspiration, and has written two new books, to boot. She has challenges that she hosts each year in order to encourage readers to spring clean or organize their homes, and provides step by step instructions, along with pics of her own home.  Check out her series on home organization here.

House Mix – Kate at HouseMixBlog has some great inspiration for paying off debt, living simply, reducing clutter, and living on one income. I’ve enjoyed her posts on finding quality toys for kids (so that you can have less toys cluttering your home!) and cooking meals for her family, and she has several printable lists which are quite helpful.  One of my favorite posts of hers that I’ve returned to a few times is a walk through of how she organized her entire home. You can read that post here.

I Heart Organizing  — There’s rarely a blog more appropriately named! Jen Jones came into my life when I was researching home organization tips. She’s a busy lady, what with that Redbook column and all, but    This garage organization post helped give me some ideas for getting ours in order.

Little House Living – If you’re interested in reading more about canning and preserving, organizing, living and cooking frugally and homesteading, Merissa at Little House Living has you covered. While many of her articles are intriguing and get you thinking about ways to live more simply, one of her blog posts that I’ve returned to several times is her simple and delicious zucchini muffin recipe.